• Mechanical components are guaranteed for a period of 12 (twelve) months from delivery to site for defective materials and workmanship, with due allowance for normal wear and tear.
  • Any reconditioned equipment guarantees will be back to back from the supplier.
  • Repaired or replaced products under warranty are similarly warranted for a period of 6 (six) month from delivery or the remainder of the original guarantee.
  • Electrical components will be guaranteed for a period of 6 (six) months from delivery against defective materials and workmanship. Electrical components such as pilot lights, contactors, relay units, and any other components which carry no guarantee from our suppliers are excluded from guarantee.
  • Our guarantee covers repair/replacement parts where applicable and labour to fit these parts. Travelling time and associated expenses such as mileage, air fares, hotels, etc. That are not done at Guth SA premises are not covered by our guarantee and will be for the customer’s account.
  • Equipment supplied by Guth SA but not manufactured by Guth SA is limited in warranty and guarantee to the warranty and/or guarantee of the manufacturer and expires upon the expiration of such warranty.
  • Guth SA does not warrant and will not be liable for any design, materials or construction criteria free issued or specified by the customer and incorporated into the products/processes or for products sourced from other manufacturers specified by the customer.
  • Warranty will only be available if Guth SA is promptly notified in Writing and Guth SA on examination discloses to our satisfaction that any alleged defect has not been caused by misuse, improper maintenance, neglect, improper installation, operation, alteration, modification or Physical environment.
  • Warranty shall be deemed invalid if any parts not supplied/authorised by Guth SA has been used.
  • Any guarantee may become invalid if any person not authorised by Guth SA operates the plant beyond its design capabilities or attempts to service, repair or maintain the equipment or any components during the guarantee period.