Guth SA, the largest stockist of processing equipment in South Africa, found itself being required by our customer base not only to supply the equipment but to install the equipment as well.

Guth SA, in an attempt to better satisfy our clients requirements,have been increasing the number of construction teams throughout our four strategically placed branches, thus offering our clients effectively a one stop shop where the clients have peace of mind with regards to supplier accountability and the added advantage of cost saving by cutting out the middle man who often places a mark-up on materials supplied.

We believe that one of our key success factors is the fact that all of our construction personnel are permanently employed by GUTH SA and are not subcontracted as is the norm in our industry. As a result we are able to carry out continued training and are able to convey and maintain our strong company ethos and quality of workmanship by using permanent employees.

GUTH SA is one of the few companies that has its own certified welding procedure both for Schedule piping and hygienic piping. All of Guth SA’s welders are thus coded welders that are required to pass and maintain these codes using government recognised and certified authorities.

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