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Alpma is a privately owned German Company, based in Bavaria who specialise in the Cutting and Wrapping of cheese and the Processing of soft and semi hard cheeses. These include such cheeses as Feta, Mozarrella, Camembert, Brie and others. Alpma has always been at the forefront of Innovation and new Technology and a World Wide Customer base. More recently Alpma has ventured into the area of Yellow Cheese Production. Alpma employ specialists in many disciplines and their Systems and Equipment include the following:

•    Manual Cutting Machines for Hard and Soft Cheeses
•    Automated Cheese Cutting Lines
•    Fixed Weight Cutting Lines
•    Cheese Wrapping Lines and Machines
•    Automatic Feeding and Buffering Systems for fully-automatic Cutting and Packaging Lines
•    Continuous Curd Production using the World Renowned Coagulator
•    Curd preparation in a Basin Line with different stages of automisation.
•    The KBA System for smaller production of Soft Cheese
•    Portioning System for optimum standard deviation of cheese weight.
•    The Blockform System for uniform cheese production and ease of handling
•    The Stack Turner for easy Curd Drainage and Handling of Blockforms
•    Micro perforated Cheese moulds for pressed cheese
•    Engineering of complete Systems for Cheese Handling Membrane Systems